Once upon a time, over in the depths of sunny Beenleigh…


There was a rental property that got severely trashed by its tenants.


And three months later, after a lengthy eviction process. The property was finally empty and ready for some form of salvation. But as it stood. The property was a complete mess. It had lost the previous eight months rental income. And was set to lose the owner even more while it stood empty.


Rescue me!!


Cue Localad Services Handyman Assist…


When the house owner initially got in touch with me. Via Real estate agent Amanda Lawrence at Home Realty Group. It was initially for a repair job to the carport. The landlord had already had several quotes for what can only be described as ‘silly money’.


Upon submitting my quote (for our normal rate no less). I won the job and within two days I got stuck in.


In the car port, the main support beam spanning the supporting posts. Had rotted through and collapsed. So it was now my job to replace the beam. Clear the existing roof of leaves and tree branches. And re hang the existing guttering and fascias to the outside perimeter of the house.

The whole job took less than a day to complete. And I had just saved our man a whopping $7000 (as quoted by a competitor).


Rescue me.. Carport repair

On the above before pic, the blue line was where the original support beam was hanging prior to me beginning. The red line showed the path the roof was taking and the upright timbers were placed by me in order to prop up the roof while I completed the works needed below it.


Needless to say, happy with what I had already done for him with the car port.

Our man took me inside the house. To see if I could further assist with rescuing any of it.


The whole house was strewn with rubbish. All the surfaces (walls, ceilings and floors) were filthy. Cobwebs were rife (along with dead flies trapped in them). And many internal repairs were needed.

Walls were punctured, doors damaged and glass windows broken. And the kitchen was a complete right off. With damaged cabinets and appliances. Covered in all sorts of grease and god knows what.

It was my job then to remove all this debris, along with all the manky window dressings from site. I had to wash down all surfaces with chlorine. Patch repair all the walls. Change broken glass where required. And clean the rest of the window glass and frames (a sort of bond clean on steroids you could say). And then I got to renew all the locks to the property to make it secure once again.


The required ‘rescue me’ repairs seemed Endless.


Internal doors had new skins added to them. Hinges and latches were adjusted. Windows and wardrobe doors had new rollers added. And the previously broken wardrobe rails were all changed.

And after all of that. I even got to redecorate the whole house. With a minimum of two coats of paint (more where required). To all the ceilings, walls, doors (after resurfacing) and trims. And all the tile grouting was also refreshed throughout too.

Once the decorating was completed. I then got to hang new blinds and curtains throughout the property. Along with a few accessories to the bathroom, wc and laundry rooms.


 Rescue me.. living room

Living Room Area


Check out that fan… Don’t worry, it was changed (along with all the others in the house). But I didn’t touch them because you need licences for that kind of thing. I know my place and therefore leave stuff like that to the experts.


Rescue me.. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Notice at the head of that bed. The paint on the wall had been worn right through to the plasterboard. But not to worry, I’m sure that black grease patch did its best to preserve things before I repainted it all.


Rescue me.. Rear Bedroom

Rear Bedroom


There was another bedroom in this house. But I don’t seem to have any photos for it.

(Scratches head for an answer and hopes it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of this post too much).


Rescue me,, Bathroom



All the tap washers and wastes were serviced. Grouting renewed and screens fully washed down. Before turning over this bathroom.


Rescue me.. WC

WC… A new toilet seat was a must have for this job.


Storage Cupboard

Storage cupboard to hallway.



Laundry room… That sink unit had been pulled away from the wall. I soon had that sorted.


And it didn’t stop there. Outside, I also had to power wash down all the hard standings and the huge ceiling areas above the patio. There was moderate landscaping to be done to the gardens (front and rear). New screens were fitted to the opening windows. And a fresh paint covering was given to the front door and its frame.


And then there was the kitchen…


Rescue me.. Kitchen


Everything was stripped out and removed from site. The cabinets, appliances and the tiling were all gone. Then I took measurements and set to in planning and installing a brand new kitchen. The results were amazing to say the least…


Brand new kitchen


And appliances


And sink & taps


New taps and tiling were also added between the bench tops and wall units. Along with tiling repairs to the floor where the old units once jutted out into the room. The wall adjacent to the sink unit was also tiled. Ready for a fridge to be placed in front. And once again, the final fix electrics were left to a qualified (and licensed) electrician.


In conclusion…


At the end of the day. The whole house had been fully rescued by me for its owner. And was once again, habitable for the next generation of tenants.

The whole project start to finish took me no longer than a fortnight to fully turn it around. And within a further two weeks, thanks to the aforementioned Real Estate agent. New tenants were indeed found. And the property was making its owner some money again.

And even though I had set my own rates (and was happy and making a good profit with them) for the job. Our landlord happily informed me I had still saved him in excess of $15,000. In helping him to turn things around for him.

And I’m sure you’ll all agree. That’s got to be a win win situation for all concerned.


© Andy Robinson, Localad Services Handyman Assist

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