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Complete House Care Packages for Your Total Peace of Mind.


complete house care packages

At Handyman Assist, we really want you to enjoy your home.


And that means making sure that it’s right for you. Right from the very start.


A lot of the time In the Handyman trade, it can quite easily take longer to ‘set up one’s stall’ in order to perform a repair than it does to actually complete it. So with that in mind, Handyman Assist can offer you these Complete House Care Services while utilising the economies of scale in fovour of the both of us. And all at a fraction of the cost, of being called out to repairs whenever they may occur.

A win – win situation all round.


Handyman Assist wants to make owning any kind of property, an easy, stress free and enjoyable experience for you.


And that’s just one of the reasons why these services are here 🙂



Please note:    That while these pages are specifically written with Whole House Packages in mind, Handyman Assist is still able to treat any specific repairs more singularly, and on a one per one basis for you.

The Handyman Assist House-Mover Deal


Congratulations on your new home!

With the Handyman Assist House-Mover Deal, Handyman Assist can dismantle all your large furniture in readiness for your move and then re-assemble it all for you after it.

And we’re offering you a whole lot more besides. Simply quote ‘House-mover deal‘ on our contact us form, and we’ll take it from there.

Plumbing Care by Handyman Assist


Do you suffer with stiff and hard to operate taps? Are you left awake at night through constant dripping noises? Does your sink take forever to drain? Is your toilet cistern constantly flowing?

You could be in need of Handyman Assist’s total plumbing care package…

Window Care by Handyman Assist…


Do you struggle to open or close your windows every day? Did you know jammed windows and doors cause 40% of all injuries to fingers and hands?

Why not take the plunge and get your ALL your windows fixed in one visit?

Handyman Assist have the know how.

Door Care by Handyman Assist


No matter where you are in your home, you’ll never be far from a door.

And although interior doors come in many differing shapes, designs and sizes, there really only two major forms. They’ll either be hinged doors or sliding doors…

But whatever kind of doors you may have, Handyman Assist knows exactly how to make them work. And properly too.

Handyman Assist Security Care…


Beef up your home security with Handyman Assist installed locks, safes, screens, & signage etc.

Don’t give crims an opportunity to steal from you with our Security Care Package.

Simply fill out the contact us form at the bottom of this page and quote “Security Care“. That’s all it takes.

Handyman Assist Fly Screen Care…


Are your fly screens bent or damaged? Is your mesh torn or just tired looking? Is the mesh coming away from your frames?

Well you no longer need worry as Handyman Assist is always here to help you out.

And having been bitten myself by a myriad of bugs, I take all matters fly screen urgently. I’m always willing, ready and able to do all kinds of fly screen repairs for you.

Or is it that time of year again where you’re stuck for gift ideas?


Why not help out your loved one’s on special occasions with a gift voucher from Localad Services Handyman Assist?

Imagine the relief they will feel, knowing all their odd jobs can and will be expertly taken care of for them.


Handyman Assist Gift Vouchers Start from as little as $100.00

They’re just a phone call or email away so go ahead and treat someone special in your life today!

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