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Does Localad Services Handyman Assist Give You SATISFACTION ?

I know the Rolling Stones couldn’t get none – But that’s probably because they weren’t my customers.


I started this business with one singular goal in mind:

“To make owning any kind of property an easy, stress-free, and enjoyable experience for you”


But I’ll make no bones about the fact, I also want to be THE BEST handyman service provider in Brisbane too. And hopefully the sheer size and scope of this new website should have already stood testimony to that.  Anyway, in order to help me be the best, I’d really appreciate your feedback. And I would therefore be very grateful, if you could take just a couple of minutes to complete my short feedback form for me. You will find it below 🙂


 I am constantly striving to improve the services that I offer.



have your sayAnd I’d really like to know:

  • What you think of my website.
  • How well I performed on your last project
  • What you need to know but can’t find in my current pages.
  • Anything else you think may be helpful

Thank you for providing your feedback. I appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve my services for you.

Kindest regards… Andy Robinson.

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