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Gutters and Downspouts Cleaning


Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to that most valuable of assets, your home. And cleaning them without the correct equipment can be a difficult, time consuming and potentially dangerous task.

If you have trees overhanging your roof, there’s a good chance your gutters and downspouts will already have some degree of blockage. So take action now and avoid the costly water damage problems that can occur when the storms and heavy rains hit.

Storm season is never too far away in South-East Queensland and if your gutters and downspouts are blocked, they won’t be able to cope with the torrential downpours that our tropical storms often bring with them.


Gutter Cleaning


My professional gutter cleaning service includes full gutter and downspout cleaning. I’ll even check your roof valleys for you too.

Gutter Cleaning is another speciality of mine and my state-of-the-art industrial vacuum equipment makes light work of even the heaviest guttering and downspout debris. So relax and let Handyman Assist clean your gutters both safely and efficiently for you.


Gutter Guard Installation


Gutter guard If you’re thinking of installing Gutter Guard protection, it makes perfect sense to have your gutters cleaned at the same time. I’ll give your gutters and downspouts a thorough cleaning before installing any kind of gutter protection, further saving you the hassle of regular gutter maintenance.

And because there are many forms of gutter guard available to choose from, I can guarantee you a level of protection to suit almost any budget. Gutter guard is probably the easiest way to insure your house against water ingress during the rainy season.

Great Service. Andy is a lovely bloke. Could have told us all of our guttering needing replacing but repaired instead for a lot less $$$. Honest, reliable tradie.

Gillian Guy


Thank you Andy for fixing my guttering. If you could come across a more awkward spot for the gutter to develop a hole this was it. Highest part of the house, with a garden underneath and shade cloth over a fish pond in the way. Challenge accepted, and completed. Very happy customer here, and will use again. Thank you Andy for your prompt arrival and work…….

Sharon Pearson


Gutter Repairs


Gutter repair 1 Are your gutters sagging or even rusting through?

Then now would be good time to call Handyman Assist


If you have damaged sections of guttering, replacing the whole lot could turn out to be quite a costly exercise and there is often no real need to do so.

Once I’ve fully cleaned out your gutters and downspouts for you, a few quick repairs might be all that’s required to have your gutters looking and functioning the way they should. Many a time you only need cut out the rotted section and replace it with new.

As these pictures show, I can repair or replace most problematic gutter situations, so don’t put it off any longer. Give me a call on 0434 646 928 and see how I can help.



Downspout Repairs


Downspout repair

The weakest part of any guttering system is what we call the swan’s neck. That’s the part where the downspout travels almost horizontally from the wall to meet with the guttering. Any static water or (soggy decaying leaves) left behind in this area is what causes the damage. Over time, it corrodes its way through the thin metals used for the downspout’s construction.

And as the pictures here show, I can repair or replace most problematic gutter situations. Even where access is at a premium. So there’s no excuse to put your repairs off any longer.

Give me a call on 0434 646 928 and see how I can help.

You won’t be disappointed!


But wait, there’s more…


whipper snipped Because another problem I see a lot of is where plastic downspouts marry into the ground drainage systems. This issue is more specific to plastic pipes as the plastics used, tend to harden and become brittle under the daylight sun.

Then along comes the gardener with his whipper snipper.

And hey presto… We now have holes in our once watertight pipe. But because the pipe just spits onto the grass anyway, the homeowner tends to think no more about it.

But that is so, so, very, very wrong… and here’s why.

Over time, all that extra moisture helps erode away the property’s foundations. And perhaps even more importantly, it creates perfect breeding conditions for termites. And nobody wants those!


These days, fixes like these (and the re-routing of air conditioning overflows away from a property) are the number one priority for a lot of property managers and letting agents. For the very same reasons as illustrated above.


Handyman Assist do not cut any corners when working on gutters and downspouts.


Many other gutter cleaning companies offering just basic repair works lack proper understanding and quality control management. But having once been a full time plumber I know only too well, to use the highest quality materials and components in any guttering and downspouts work. Likewise I have strict quality control and testing procedures to ensure your gutter repairs are performed to last well into the foreseeable future.


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