The Last Word…

According to the Netcraft’s January 2019 Web Server Survey, it was measured that the whole indexed web contained at least 1,945,260,010 (over 1.94 billion) websites. Yes, the internet is very big. Very big indeed. It must be noted however, around 75% of today’s websites are inactive for one reason or another.

And by ‘website’ I mean unique host names (names that can be resolved using a name server into an IP address). Much like this one can. But that’s just websites.

This business website (in its entirety) found at for instance, carries over 250 individual pages making up its entire contents. So, imagine if you can, just how many pages there actually are in total out there. It beggars belief doesn’t it?

And each and every day, the blogging population of the world (myself included), account for an additional 4 million pages being added to the interweb’s ginormous content library with Google now processing 7 billion daily searches through it all.

But if all these numbers are enough to cause you a severe mind-blowing headache, fear not…

Because even though the very first website was published by the grand daddy of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee on August 6th, 1991, I can happily announce, that by simply being here reading this now…

You have officially reached the end of the internet.

Or maybe not… not at the web’s current rate of growth anyway.

Oh well, we tried.

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