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Localad Services Handyman Assist…


Are all about problem solving. We’re solution providers for all home and business owners wanting their annoying building issues solved quickly and efficiently.

Unlike going through the hassles of trying to find different tradesmen to solve each problem individually, Handyman Assist will get to the bottom of your annoying issues. Then I’ll fix the ones I can immediately and plan out the best compliant solutions for the remainder.

All while fitting in with your time and budget. So you can get on with your life without the constant frustrations that these problems can often cause.

About problem solving Handyman Assist

A service you can rely on


Localad Services Handyman Assist‘s problem solving has helped build and maintain a loyal customer base. This includes domestic, commercial, real estate, strata, and corporate entities. I initially became established within the Logan Central area. But have since, quickly built a strong reputation based on a high level of service, commitment to my customers and my professional expertise in solving annoying building problems.

Handyman Services in Brisbane ~ OUR '5 STAR' PROMISES TO YOU

Handyman Services in Brisbane all about problem solving


Professional tailored advice. Approve the price before I start.

Handyman Services in Brisbane all about problem solving


On time every time. Courtesy call half hour before arriving to help you plan your day.

Handyman Services in Brisbane all about problem solving


Helpful, friendly operative with years of experience. I love to help!

Handyman Services in Brisbane all about problem solving


Clean and tidy tradesman with full insurances. Quality Guaranteed.

Handyman Services in Brisbane all about problem solving


You can smile knowing your home is trouble free!

Owned and operated by Jodie and Andy Robinson, 

Localad Services Handyman Assist offers a complete 24 hour 7 day (by prior arrangement) a week service. We have a centrally controlled, mobile work vehicle for immediate response. Carrying a comprehensive range of the latest technology and inventory to ensure most jobs can be completed on the spot. Which provides great cost savings for all of my customers.


Mobile work station

We Have:

  • A fully stocked vehicle including a wide range of parts and specialty tools just waiting for your call.
  • Experienced service technicians, ready for any job, big or small.
  • Guarantees to fix it right first time every time!
  • Full licensing and insurance.
  • A Brisbane wide service area.
  • Friendly and honest service professionals.

Have you ever wondered…


How nice it would be to find a home repair service in Brisbane you can trust with all of your home repairs and improvements?

A handyman you can trust around your family and belongings? A service that genuinely cares about your home as much as you do? And how about somebody willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want ?

Well, Localad Services Handyman Assist can make your life a whole lot easier. By saving you time and helping reduce your property maintenance stress levels.

I can even help you save money in the long run too.

ABOUT ME ~ Meet Andy Robinson


About problem Solving Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson – Localad Services Handyman Assist

Since leaving school, I have spent my whole life within or around the building trade.

Starting an apprenticeship at 16, I went on to become a fully indentured plumbing and heating engineer. Working mainly within domestic and light commercial environments.

As my interests grew within the industry, moving forward from mainly installing bathrooms and central heating, I next ventured into fitted furniture. Planning, manufacturing and installing some of the finest of room settings throughout the UK.

And it wasn’t much longer when I found myself flipping, renovating and restoring old houses too. Even building a few from scratch.

I’ve been a part of some pretty major projects too. Like helping construct supermarkets and airports. For further reading on this though, please go here.


Moving on…


In 2012, I left England for sunnier climes and a sparkly new wife. I’ve been living here in Brisvegas ever since. This has meant though, that without the proper recognised licensing, I’ve had to curtail a lot of what I actually can do.

Still needing to work in the interim, I chose to become a handyman with a view to getting any required licenses along the way as I went.

That was of course then. And ever since, the world has been good to me. So I have remained a handyman without feeling any real need to change. I mean I still get to tackle a wide and varied range of tasks and even now, my passion for working within the construction industry has never faltered.

There isn’t a lot I haven’t seen in this game these days, so if you have any kind of problems to be solved with your property, I’m pretty sure I will always have a solution for you.

How I differ:


Keeping you satisfied is my utmost priority. And this is why I will always endeavour to produce outstanding results in my work every time. Whether it’s just a small repair job or a large-scale remodelling project.

And because I truly care about your home, you can rest assured that I’ll always do the job right the first time. So there’s no need to worry about the kind of quality you’ll receive.


You’ll have a beautiful home and perhaps more importantly, more quality and stress free time to spend enjoying it.


I specialise in a full range of maintenance services and problem solving solutions, including a 24 hour emergency response.

Obsessed with being on time every time to all of my bookings, I also take immense pride in my appearance and leaving every finished job spotlessly clean. I try to over-deliver on all of my promises and because of this, I have grown into a well-recognised and ethical full-service handyman service provider. With a steadily growing company that caters to the entire South Brisbane area.

Being a one man operation too, means that you will only ever have to deal with me personally and not just an employee who’s only there for the money.

On time, every time and having a good head for problem solving is my passion.

About problem solving timekeeping

And that’s the driving force behind my property based solutions business.


But it’s not the only thing that makes me different. Localad Services Handyman Assist now has one of the strongest codes of ethics and staff training systems in the business of home maintenance services too.

This means that any employees I may work with, will be highly trained and expected to act like the company was their own. With full security and background disclosure before starting, they will also undergo a highly intensive induction schedule prior to starting working alongside me.

I recognise that any operatives I use are the face of my company and I will take immense responsibility on how they represent me.

So, with all trades capabilities and full liability insurance cover, you can rest assured that all works I undertake will be expertly carried out. Fully compliant from conception right through to completion. By a friendly and helpful operative (namely me), with a strong focus on customer service. All at the right price and to the very highest of standards.

That’s Problem Solving Solutions that are Reasonable, Reliable and Recommended.

Crowd cheers about problem solving

Handyman Services in Brisbane ~ Localad Services Handyman Assist

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