Every now and then, I like to give back to my community.



Established in 2012, Handyman Assist is still a relatively new company…


And I’ll freely admit, I haven’t been able to go too overboard with charitable community donations as of yet, but that doesn’t ever stop me from trying.

One of the first jobs I did in the community, was a freebie to a local Kindy. I had to chop out an existing base unit to their kitchen and install a dishwasher for them. It wasn’t done for payment or even for the glory. It did however lead to more paid work in the future. And because one good turn often leads to another, I even got a free mention in their news page… YAY!!


Testimonials Kindy Newletter Excerpt



Whenever working for the community some businesses ask, “What’s in it for me?”


That’s not the case with Handyman Assist. It’s not too often that I get to advertise but when I do, I try to make it count. Even if it’s not for me. One said advert was a below $300 cheapie, and to be honest it had very little return on investment for me. But that wasn’t the point. It still made a somewhat worthy cause a little better off…


Community Police Charrity Thankyou




And always on the lookout for a good cause, I take action whenever I can.


So that’s what I did for a customer, Cass Gell and her own soon to be registered charity, Sewing for charity.


Community Sewing for charity



Another advertising opportunity. And another small lift for our boys in blue…



Community Police football association



And then there’s my valued customers…



Community Competition winner Every now and then, I try to engage with and include all my customers through my facebook page. For that, the favourite avenues would generally be through including quizzes, polls, contests and competitions for the guys to partake in.


This is Jamie Blake.

Through one of our online competitions, Jamie had won a free day’s worth of labour from Handyman Assist. And he won it just at the right time. He was in the process of relocating from Sydney to Brisbane.

When he cashed in his prize, he did so by having us re-assemble all his previously dismantled furniture for him on arrival at his new place. We also installed his drier, wall mounting it into his new laundry.

Along with generally making his move as trouble free as possible for him, Jamie was also glad of the company. He openly admitted he wouldn’t have coped doing it all on his own.



And another advertising opportunity. With another boost for our emergency services…



Ambo boost




And Finally… You still get me.


Even if I can’t give too much back financially, I still like to help out by sharing my almost astounding levels of knowledge and know how wherever and whenever I can. Be it in real life, online through facebook or even here on this site, through my many words of wit and wisdom, I’ll do my best to impart what little knowledge I may have for you.


AND… I even leave you the choice as to whether you read them or not 🙂


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