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In case any of my earlier posts to this site haven’t already warned you… I love to share!!

Especially when it is good if not great news!!

And this is the place you’ll find it all.

I’ll post whenever the need arises. So you can share in my greatest moments with me  🙂

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So what’s new with Localad Services then?

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25th May 2018.


As of May 25th 2018, GDPR compliance is finally upon us…   Which means there are new rules I have to obey when it comes to protecting your data (especially in and around Europe). The General Data Protection…

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16th February 2018.


I finally took the plunge and wrote an all new website.

There’s something here for everyone. With 49 pages and 58 posts for you all to delight in. And regular updates are promised too.

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Yes you read it

here first.


Established in early December 2012, Localad Services has finally passed the FIVE year mark!!

That’s something worthy of celebration, I’m sure you’ll all agree 🙂

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