Welcome to what is probably the most comprehensive about me

page in the history of the world wide web.

I started this business with one singular goal in mind:


“To make owning any kind of property an easy, stress-free, and enjoyable experience for you”.


And I fully understand that in order to be a trusted ally in your fight against everyday home maintenance, it helps when you actually know who you are dealing with. So with that in mind, I have chosen to lay my whole life story before you. This is the place where you can really get to know me… Call it my CV if you like.


Taken from my regular updates to the latest posts page. And In a strict historical order. It’s right here that you can learn all about me and how I got to where I am today.

Updates to date include:

  • A Star is Born…  The day was ordinarily dull and grey, but into the grim world there came a new shining light…   Yes it was my bald head. I was born at 2.36 in the morning on Tuesday the 11th of December 1962. When, kicking and screaming, I first appeared onto the world’s stage….
  • Going Solo…  Whoever it was that said that men couldn’t multi-task had obviously not known me in my youth.   At just the tender age of sixteen, I was taking my O’levels at school (who remembers those?). And working around twenty hours a week at my father’s 15 table, snooker hall…
  • A Brief History of Time… Part 1  As I had previously mentioned in the last of my about me posts, Going Solo…    I walked straight from school into a four-year plumbing & heating apprenticeship. Merrily picking up all of the skills I would need to take me down a road of house renovations and to some degree, interior design.
  • Disaster…  Yesterday (2008)… All my troubles seemed so far away… I was completely out of it. The body beautiful had finally given up on me. And I was in hospital undergoing an operation. Where due diligence required that I was to be put to sleep.   Almost eighteen months prior to this…
  • Jogging On…  I always used to think…That my age really didn’t really matter to me. And why the hell should it? Jogging, that’s why! After all, I still feel like a thirteen year old (and probably act like one too). In fact I have often said that I could face any imminent birthday with equanimity. Provided I was gifted some form of cheap aftershave or a new pair of socks to celebrate with.


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