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Here at Handyman Assist, every now and then, I actually remember to treat my camera to some of my finished projects. So I thought, why not share some of those images with you? After all, what better way is there to illustrate just some of the many tasks I can perform for you?

Please Note:    While I’m more than happy to stand by the quality of my workmanship…   I cannot say the same for the mediocrity of some of the images. (Sorry about that) 🙂




Here. I was asked to devise some form of display solution for all the awards that my friends at Tradelink have achieved.

So together, we went for two 2.4 metre wide by 300mm deep floating shelves. All manufactured, finished in a high gloss white and installed in their newly remodelled offices by yours truly for Tradeliink’s new Distribution Centre Office suite up in Banyo.

A nice welcoming display area for all visitors on first entering the building.



It was a good day for some much needed front garden retaining wall repairs here…

While the heavy guage steel pillars were still good, the existing timbers were heavily decayed. Only solution, new treated pine sleepers throughout.



Did I mention I can plan, assemble and even install all kinds of flat packed furniture for you? I can even wall mount your televisions and lose that awful cabling you see too often too.

Thanks to Andy Robinson from Localad Services Handyman Assist we now have this gorgeous tv unit 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jo Beattie




It isn’t every job that gets a repair or even a new install. Sometimes things just need to be scrapped and taken away.

Like this old barbeque that was more of a health risk liability than an asset for this Body Corporate.

Quite often, I get to do some pretty unspectacular jobs that don’t lend themselves too well to being photographed.

Jobs like changing locks, tap washers, flyscreens and the like. Not to mention all the whiteboards I get to hang. And with that in mind it’s sometimes hard to come up with hundreds and thousands of spectacliar <(don’t panic, it was deliberately misspelt) posts to bore you all with.

But fear not dear reader for this time I have a cunning plan (he says in his best Baldrick voice). Here’s a little home project I did for the Localad Services Handyman Assist board of directors (our moggies, all four of them). To date, all of the little blighters have had a go on it, taking it in turn to sleep on the platforms, scratch at the posts and annoy the poor little bird (skeleton (plastic) in the cage) we forgot to feed.

You could almost say, “Nearly eight out of ten cats preferred it”.

Before I made a pile of money big enough to set fire to and keep a poor person warm for six months, I used to think that wealthy people led some kind of utopian existence. That they made their fortunes by having good luck shine down on them and warded off all the tedious and nasty things that happen to ordinary folk with their vast amounts of money.

But success doesn’t depend on not having bad things happen to you. It depends on how well you cope and deal with your shit when it happens. Let’s face it, bad stuff happens to me, it happens to you and it even happens to the likes of Bill Gates. And once you become successful, you’ll still have to deal with adversity. If you think success will make you immune – you’re wrong. It won’t. And you’ll still end up hand-balling huge 70kg lumps of concrete across parking lots.

Replacing 13 (unlucky for me) badly decayed parking stops for a Body Corporate… Just another day in the life of yours truly




Offering a full, from conception right through to completion service, here, I was asked to paint the wall, assemble and install the furniture along with the floating shelves, mount the television & soundbar and hang a few pictures. The installation also required losing all of the unsightly cabling and setting up all the ancillary equipment inside the units below for the customer too.

All in a day’s work for Handyman Assist.

This page is currently still a work in progress…

Please drop by again to see the numerous additions we have in store for it.

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