Painting and Decorating


painting and decorating


Probably the quickest way to pimp up your home would be through painting and decorating it.


There are two basic forms of interior decorating.

You can either opt for an all paint finish or if you’re brave enough, you could involve the use of wallpapers. Depending on your choice, the operational procedures will vary. But in both cases the first step always remains the same and of prime importance to the end result.

Just like all other forms of home improvement there are certain procedures to follow to ensure a trouble free and professional finish every time. Be it for painting, wallpapering, tiling or staining, surface preparation is your first obstacle to cross. And once this is completed, then you’re well on your way.


The main reasons why people decorate their homes:

  • To update the existing colour scheme
  • Maintenance – keeping timber protected from the weather
  • To make it feel modern & fresh
  • General making good after renovations
  • Recently made structural changes
  • Removed fittings like fans, power points, lights etc leave nasty gaps in the decor.
  • To fix and repair wall damage
  • To invigorate the place when selling your home
  • Fixing up after termite damage
  • Because you have just purchased your home and want to make your mark


What can a fresh coat of paint do for you?

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Complete your renovations
  • Increase the chances to sell your property
  • Give you a sense of ownership – it’s your space with your colours
  • It can give you an extra level of pride & respect for the home
  • Creates a sense of calm and peace


What are the types of painting I do?

  • Painting walls
  • Ceiling painting
  • Painting balustrades and stair railings
  • Furniture or built-in furniture painting
  • Painting your kitchen cupboards & doors
  • Timber door & window frames
  • Painting doors


What about wallpapering?

Not a problem at all. I originate from England, a small little country where the painting versus wallpapering ratio is a whole lot higher than it is here. I can paper:

  • walls
  • ceilings
  • panels


Let me advise you of what you need – Partnering with me will quickly enhance the value of your property.

Get a fresh coat of ‘living’ to change the overall feel of your property today



Every now and again, I get the odd challenge…


Like this little job I did for a builder creating a “Crystal Maze’ type layout in a disused office space. It was a wallpapering job, but with a twist…

First off it was no ordinary wallpaper. This stuff came in metre wide lengths (drops). There were 17 drops for this room.

And as if that wasn’t hard enough, each drop was individually numbered to be fitted in a strict sequence. Then, the whole room had to be circumnavigated with no obvious stops to the pattern. I also had to paper the door surfaces and cut around skirtings and electrical fittings while still leaving a fully coherent finish.

Apologies for the quality of the images, but see what you think…



So how does Handyman Assist go the extra mile to do the best job and create a fabulous customer experience for you?


  • Always show up on time
  • Only use quality branded products
  • I will treat your house as I would my own
  • Full preparation of the work area by patching, gap filling, sanding and cleaning
  • I ask the right questions (are you sure you want gold hinges instead of silver ones?)
  • No tape required – I love cutting in and I’m great at it
  • Put drop cloths down while working
  • Put drop cloths down where storing gear temporarily
  • I’ll leave you with any leftover paint so you can do touch-ups
  • I’ll rehang doors, replace door handles & doorstops after painting
  • Capable of working in tight spaces so you can stay in the house while the work is carried out
  • I fully respect your things and your privacy. If I break something – I’ll replace it


Whenever you need some decorating doing, be sure to get the right guys for the job.

Get Handyman Assist.




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