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Home can mean many diverse things to different people.


For some, it’s simply a place to relax and unwind in. Away from all the stresses of everyday life. Or it could just be a place for you to express your own individual sense of style. Or a haven for your family and pets.

But at the end of the day, it’s always the place where the things you hold most precious, truly belong.


And the garage is one of the most frequently used access points of your home.


So it is important that your family and loved ones have full access and are properly protected beyond its doors.


It’s for this reason, that I only recommend using genuine replacement remote controls for your garage.


This simply ensures your remote controls will always work when you need them to. While still offering a maximum operating range, convenience and security.

Our garage door remotes are incredibly reliable to use. They feature the latest in advanced encryption technology to protect you from any external code grabbing devices. Devices that can intercept some of today’s more basic of garage remote signals.


Handyman Assist now has exclusive access to the top-of-the-range remote control products from the biggest brands in the industry.


Our collection includes technologies from B&D, ATA, Gliderol, Grifco, Merlin, Boss and Letron. Using the very latest of wireless automation. These options will always allow you to exit and enter your property with ease.

Remote controls are devices that can make an activation at distance. It does this by using electro-magnetic waves.


It is mainly composed of two units:

  • A portable remote transmitter, usually carried by the user in the car or hsnd.
  • A receiver located in a fixed position within your garage. Generally connected to the device driving the garage door motor.

The transmitter sends a message by means of radio waves to the receiver. And the information in that message is composed of a security code (user code). Along with an accomplishment command.

The receiver once it detects the radio message from the transmitter, makes a comparison. Between the received code and it’s own memorised code. And the operation is only successfully completed if the 2 codes match. Triggering the relay carrying out the command. In turn activating the door closing mechanism…

Open Sesame!

Replacement Garage Door Remote Controls by Handyman Assist…


Are you in need of a new remote for your garage or air conditioning? I can source, supply, deliver and even program new remotes best suited to your own applications.

In fact Handyman Assist can supply multiple replacement garage door remote controls. All with the options that will fulfil all of your operational requirements. By stocking only quality products from the most reputable of manufactures.


So you can be assured you’re only receiving the best of quality products.


And you can relax in the knowledge that our vast range of remote controls use only the latest encryption technologies. Guaranteeing a convenient and secure operation of your garage door or gate each and every time.



Replacement Air Conditioning Remote controls by Handyman Assist…


Air con remoteDoes your air conditioning unit need a new controller?

Well that’s not a problem either. This little beauty shown here on the left will control up to 90% of today’s air conditioning units with ease.

It offers every bit of functional management that it’s factory packed counterparts do and can be easily programmed to match your existing unit within minutes.

Our real estate clients love these and it’s easy to see why. Exceptionally priced at $35, it’s about the size of a smart phone and it comes complete with battery and full operating instructions. Making it easy for nearly anyone to set up and use it. And if need be, I can even come round and program it for you.

If you need a replacement controller for your air con, or maybe just a spare, simply give me a call to order one and I can have it ready and waiting within just a couple of days for you.


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Maybe the spare room needs re-decorating. The bathroom tiles needed re-grouting. The TV needs wall-mounting. Or the kitchen needs more cupboards. And the glazing probably needs re-screening. Not to mention the myriad other repairs you'd simply prefer to just forget. Well we're all about problem solving here and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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