A page full of short and sweet little postings for you to enjoy…


Postings that were never quite man enough to make the grade for a full on blog post. But they still contain some worthy content for you to enjoy.

These are real time snippets, just like the newspaper cuttings we used to keep in the good old days.

This is what I have posted to date:

  • Enwipenment…  Not so many moons ago, my life was drastically altered. After I came across this unassuming little advert on the television… And I simply fell in love with it !! I think more than anything else, it was the service technician’s total nonchalance that was the clincher for me but regardless of that, the ad certainly did it’s job and it became firmly entrenched within my ever churning and somewhat over-productive mind.
  • Your Help is Needed…  I’m sure you’ve probably heard the following quotation before… Sometimes it is attributed to the Bible, and other times to an ancient Chinese proverb… “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” But what you may not have heard. Or at least I hadn’t until yesterday. Was another quotation you would have thought may have come from the mouth of that master of wit, Groucho Marx.
  • Dreams of an Insomniac…  Mnyeeownn-bonk-squeak-squeak-clatter-bonk – BLINK!! Flight GW350 from the land of nod has just landed. I blink and I am awake. It is ten to four in the morning, and I am awake enough to realise that I have woken up asking myself the question: God dammit, why am I waking up now? Insomnia, the by-product of what’s going on around me right now. Is a terrible, terrible thing.

  • Emergency!! Who you gonna call?…  Picture this if you will…   EMERGENCY!!   After a long hard day at work, you’re finally home with your family. The kids are fed and you’re all comfortably resting together in your living room. The children engrossed in the imaginative use of their playthings….

  • Intensified? …  As you might very correctly imagine, I’m on a hell of a lot of mailing lists these days. Partly because I’m totally enthralled by all the tricks of the marketing trade (yes I really am that sad). And partly because I’m a sucker for anything that costs far more than it really should do…
  • The Electric Drill…  DIY enthusiasts all around the world can thank an Aussie for this indispensable piece of equipment. The Electric Drill. It was way back in 1889, that Australian electrical engineer Arthur James Arnot patented the world’s first electric drill. And this happened while he was an employee of the Union Electric Company in Melbourne…
  • Hammer Rash…  A five minute fiction for your weekend… Sometime during my misspent youth, I was once unlucky enough to have caught my thumb between a stationary 4 inch nail and the head of a rapidly moving smoting tool. Or as modern men may prefer to call it, a hammer. Yes, I had got me a good old fashioned dose of hammer rash…
  • David’s Power Tools…  David is not allowed to own power tools. I know, it’s sad but it’s true. There he is, a grown man, just the wrong side of 30. Probably in the same way that Danny DeVito is just the wrong side of 6 foot. And he’s totally banned by his wife, from ever owning his own set of power tools…


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