Two chemistry students walked into a bar…


The first student asked for a H²0 and was given a glass of drinking water.

The second student asked for a H²0 too and because the bar tender heard him wrong, he subsequently died.

Because H²O² (hydrogen peroxide) is poisonous to the human body.


And now that I’ve got your full attention…


Let’s take a look at how good the water is that you drink these days shall we?

Water filters are part of a massively expanding healthy lifestyle industry and are really big business here at the moment. Which is hardly surprising when you consider that Brisbane’s water quality was further downgraded to a grade F just after the floods of 2012. That’s a whole five places lower than ‘A grade’ purity. And will probably mean F for effluents.

Especially with all the floods we’re still getting. (see also: The Little White Cloud that Cried)


So there clearly is a need for drinking water filtration.


But why even stop there?


Within this post, I’d like to endorse a world class water purification system for all your drinking water needs.

And it’s not just your run of the mill activated charcoal water filter either. It’s a whole lot better than that…

It’s a completely standalone water purification plant for your kitchen that offers not only one but 4 different stages of drinking water purification.

It conforms to International Standards NSF 53 and NSF 55, effectively removing 140 potentially health threatening contaminants through carbon block filters that can trap particulates 300% smaller than the width of a human hair in your water. While at the same time, destroying 99.9% of common disease carrying micro-organisms. Through its in-built ultra violet light technology.


But don’t just take my word for it, check out this video…






There are two different fitting options presently available for this unit:


One for over-sink assembly with rental properties in mind, simply connected through the existing spout of your cold kitchen tap.

And the other for a fully installed below-sink unit with its own dedicated tap.


So why am I, a humble handyman, telling you all this?


*Because today, I can show you how you can save in excess of $200 on any purchase of this water purification system.

And at the same time, I am also offering a free, guaranteed installation worth up to $180 on all units sold…

That means an instant saving to you, of just shy of $400.

I can also arrange (subject to status), 12 month interest free finance to further help spread the cost for you.

And with a filtration life of 5000 litres over a full year, that equates to a real time cost of pure drinking water from only 23 cents a litre at initial purchase.  And an incredibly low 7 cents a litre for every year after that. After replacing the internal filters that is.


Or would you rather still be paying up to $3 a pop for less than a litre of bottled water?


For further details, feel free to message me here.

*Applies only to customers in the Brisbane, Logan and North Gold Coast areas.


© Andy Robinson, Localad Services Handyman Assist

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