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General Interest

This is what I have posted to date:

  • Following Me on Facebook…  What does a man have to do to be liked on facebook? I’ve recently found myself following a British programme on Netflix called ‘Embarrassing Bodies’. And very odd it was too. If you didn’t see it (and why the hell would you if you’ve got anything approaching a half decent life?). The idea is that a team of three doctors set up a surgery in the middle of a busy city centre.

  • A Comedy of Errors…  Dear Insurance Company, I am writing this letter in response to your recent request for ‘additional information’ regarding my recent claim. In block number 3 of your insurance claim reporting form, I responded by putting “Trying to do the job alone” as the sole cause of my accident…
  • Magazines – Read all About it…  I once had the misfortune of needing new tyres for the van… And while I was sitting in the tyre depot’s waiting room. I was surprised to learn that Ford were about to phase out their much beloved Escort. And a young fellow by the name of Tony Blair was tipped to be the UK’s next Prime Minister. Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad…

  • What Makes Success? …  I was born under a lucky star…   It’s the same with all of us rich folk. No matter how hard we try, we can never seem to do anything wrong. It just seems that everything just goes right for us, all of the time…   Take the other weekend for example…   We (me, the wife and some random offspring) decided to go for a nice day trip to the coast.
  • Cyber-living…  Lurkers – that’s what they call the people on the internet who don’t make any noise. Lurkers don’t even register on the internet. Not even a blip do they leave. And there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of them, literally the silent majority, just peering in from the galleries so to speak…
  • Taxing Times…  As I write this, the end of financial year is now fast approaching… And I’m sitting here waiting for a woman representative to turn up from the bank I’ve been using for the last 25 years. Taxing times indeed… And for some weird unknown reason, she now needs me to prove I am exactly who I say I am.
  • Homeopathic Heamatology? …  Back in England a good twenty years ago now… I once knew a junior doctor (Hello Jeanette, how’s things?) She was always eager to save the National Health Service at any cost. Or at least eager to save it any actual cost. Either way, I think she may have once stumbled across a cost saving idea. Homeopathic Heamatology…

  • Word Play…  Having been publicly recognised as a bit of a wordy git of late…   Mainly because of my blogging prowess…   Somewhat surprisingly. I was recently invited to become the Founder President of the Logan based Philological Society (Not really). And wrongly assuming that philology was the posh word for something like wife swapping…
  • TCFTTC…  There is a fascinating figure of modern day speech… Called The Container for the Thing Contained… For example. When someone says ‘the City of Rome welcomed Caesar’, Or ‘Toy town was in uproar’. Or ‘the White House denied it all’. They are actually using the word for ‘The Container’ When they mean ‘The Thing Contained’.
  • Evolution…  Even though this exquisitely self built website may hopefully suggest otherwise… I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably not the best at using modern day technology… And I now ask… “How the hell can I possibly evolve my business to best serve you ?” Answers on a postcard please. Provided our ‘common knowledge’ means you actually know what one of those is.
  • Customer Service? …  Apologies dear reader but every now and again… Writing for blogs can become both a little wearisome and positively daunting. As one sits at one’s desk fighting for ideas as to what to actually bloody write. And as luck would have it, it seems that today is going to be one of those days.
  • A Quick Fix to Illness…  One of the more gratifying aspects of any minor illness… Is the mood that overtakes one (i.e. me) during one’s convalescence. A short while ago I developed a rather fascinating set of assorted symptoms and a whole lot of illness to go with them. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t really all that bad…

  • A Class Kitchen…  Anyone who really knows me, knows I hold a passion for kitchens… This class kitchen is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. I didn’t plan, sell or install this. But when you see such outstanding beauty as this. You’re compelled to share. So that’s what I’ve done. See now, just what is possible in today’s class kitchens…
  • Ikea… The Revenge of the Vikings…  Sometime around the mid 1980’s… Three middle-aged blokes called Bjorn, Olaf, and Sven were sitting in an Ikea office on an industrial estate in southern Sweden… It was winter and it was Scandinavia, so it was dark and cold and miserable. The three men were bored, and depressed. And as appears to be the predisposition of a lot of their fellow countrymen, they were considering ending it all…
  • What’s Hot in Bathrooms… Today’s modern bathrooms are a vast change from those of times gone by. For instance, in the good old days, Grandma and Grandad were lucky to have even had an external toilet out in their yard. And for bathing, a tin bath was often found hung up in the scullery. Only to be brought out on special occasions. Or once a week, usually on a Friday evening after a solid weeks worth of toiling at work…
  • All About Kitchens…  Most householders are unfamiliar with buying a new kitchen… After all, it’s unlikely that we will have to do it several times in a lifetime. So it’s natural to feel daunted by all the choice and pitfalls. An expense of this size is not to be undertaken  lightly, so the more help and advice available the better….
  • All About Kitchen Appliances…  The array of different design styles and specifications for the wide range of kitchen appliances available today can be bewildering. However, selecting the right products for your kitchen is an essential part of the planning process. Which is why I have compiled a helpful list of hints and tips to help guide you through the latest developments…
  • The Little White Cloud that Cried…  Once upon a time there was a cloud… And as is typically usual with many clouds just like it, we had rain falling from it. But when that rain falls, it falls on what is commonly called a catchment. And the catchment is the area that surprisingly ‘catches’ the water that you drink. This could even be nowhere near where you live. It could be up in the hills or some other place, depending on where you’re actually reading this from.

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