Wall Mountings


Wall mountings


It’s not just art that needs hanging these days… there’s wall mountings galore to choose from.


There are plenty other things to wall mount these days, like flat screen TVs, monitors, whiteboards, signage or even shelves, blinds or curtains. So if you need any help mounting things call me.


Yes, people actually pay me to hang their pictures and paintings for them.


I always enjoy sharing simple services like this because I think it shows a side to the handyman business that most wouldn’t expect. Being a handyman isn’t always about working under a sink and other dirty jobs. Much of it is actually pretty easy and enjoyable work. Well, if you are promoting the right services to the right customers it is.


Picture hanging is a great example of one such service that is relatively easy.


You might be thinking that it’s ridiculous that people pay me to hang pictures but the truth is, for many people, hanging pictures is well outside of their skill set. Either that or they simply don’t have to because they have enough money to pay others to do it for them.

And, in some rare cases too, it’s because the pictures are so damned big or even expensive, that they NEED to call in a professional to assist in hanging them.



Optus wall art

2.2 metres wide and 1.6 metres high this was. Installed by me at the Optus offices at Fortitude Valley





My number one tip would be to hang it perfectly. After all, that’s why you would be paying me.

I never rush these types of projects because I always want to make sure things are perfectly level and accurately centred… and needless to say, right where you want it. First I’ll get your approval on EXACTLY where it’s going to go. I never hang pictures using just a best guess approach. It’s always best to find out its true location before I even get started.

Next I have to make sure it’s solid. If I don’t have the correct (often over-engineered) mounting hardware in my stocked range of specialist fixings to hang the art so that an earthquake wouldn’t knock it off, then I simply won’t hang it. I’ll go to the store first and get what I need to do the job right.



Wall hanging Tradelink

Another huge wall mounting. This time 3m x 1.6m. Installed at the Tradelink Distribution Centre warehouse in Banyo


Of course it’s not just art that needs hanging these days.


There are plenty of other things to be hung too. Things like flat screen TVs, monitors, whiteboards, signage or even shelves, blinds and curtains.


So if you need help with your ‘wall mountings’, you know I’m the guy for you.


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Maybe the spare room needs re-decorating. The bathroom tiles needed re-grouting. The TV needs wall-mounting. Or the kitchen needs more cupboards. And the glazing probably needs re-screening. Not to mention the myriad other repairs you'd simply prefer to just forget. Well we're all about problem solving here and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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