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Do you suffer with stiff and hard to operate taps? Are you left awake at night through constant dripping noises? Does your sink take forever to drain? Is your toilet cistern constantly flowing?



Then Handyman Assist’s total plumbing care package could be just what the doctor ordered!



Very often, the weakest parts of any plumbing system can be the taps and wastes to all your major appliances.


servicing a trap There are:

  • Sink Taps and Wastes
  • Laundry Basin Taps and Wastes
  • Bathroom Sink Taps and Wastes
  • Bath Taps and Wastes
  • Shower Taps, Heads and Wastes
  • Garden Hose Taps


In fact, it’s easy to see that even the smallest of properties can have upwards of 10 different kinds of taps in service within it. And fully knowing how good your taps and wastes actually are, can be a daunting task even for the best of us.


And then there’s this…


flexi pipes These days, with the rise in the popularity of DIY (and lazy plumbers), most taps are now connected to the water supply with ‘flexible hoses’ below the sink.

Whenever you replace your taps, it is highly recommended that ALL these flexible pipes are also replaced. Despite their hardy looking steel casings, the inside of these pipes is usually a rubber based composite. And rubber perishes!

Even by the manufacturers, it is recommended that these pipes should be replaced every 5 years. Because under the constant strain of pressurised water and variable temperatures, they can quite easily perish and have even been known to burst when they get too old.

If you would like any tap repairs, maybe a new set of taps for your bathroom, or even a new mixer for the kitchen sink, Handyman Assist can either update or supply and install suitable replacements for these piping options.

But now you can totally rest assured!


Because for a fixed fee (dependent on your number of bathrooms or appliances), Handyman Assist can give your home’s plumbing system a totally clean bill of health.

I will:

  • Fully dismantle and service all your taps for you. Includes new washers, re-seating, new O rings, and the re-greasing of all moving parts.
  • Check, service or replace any inline isolation valves (usually found to be feeding toilets, dishwashers and fridges).
  • Dismantle, clean out and re-construct all waste traps. replacing any perished washers as required.
  • Check and report back to you, the condition of all shower heads.
  • Replace All flexible hoses (see above) with new. Even those feeding your toilets.
  • Check and report back to you, the condition of all external pipework. Including hose taps, gutters & downspouts and overflows to hot water tanks & air conditioning units.
  • Guarantee a good seal on the seating washers to all toilet cistern flush systems.
  • If required, lubricate any cistern buttons that may be jamming.


And you’ll have total peace of mind, knowing your plumbing won’t ever let you down.



bathroom accessories I can also totally change the feel of your bathroom for you.


I can: 

  • Supply and install new tap heads.
  • Exchange fixed shower heads with a riser rail.
  • Supply and install new accessories.
  • Change toilet seats.
  • Install grab rails.

Ignoring water leaks, leaking water pipes, dripping or leaking taps is never a good idea.


A dripping tap will never go away… in fact, it will only ever get worse.

Why? Because a dripping tap is a tap that is breaking and falling apart internally. That drip will quickly turn into a constantly running tap that you can never turn off, no matter how hard you can tighten it.

A dripping tap or water leak will also easily waste up to 10 litres of water every hour. That’s 240 litres a day, 1,680 litres a week, 7,280 litres a month or even 87,360 litres a year. And if you look at how much that dripping tap will cost you in wasted water alone, it’s scary.

Because it quickly translates to $0.94 a day, $6.52 a week, $28.39 a month, or a staggering $340.70 a year.


That’s a lot of wasted water and your hard earned money being burned every day.


And at the end of the day, your tap will still need to be repaired. Or even replaced if the internal damage is too great.

Let Handyman Assist bring your plumbing back up to scratch.


It’s an easy fix that can effortlessly save you thousands of dollars.

Simply fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page and quote “Plumbing care“. That’s all it takes.

I will then follow up your enquiry with a mutually convenient site visit and leave you a fully itemised quote and estimate for the time it will take.

Upon your acceptance, I will then arrange for a best time to proceed.


And I’ll even guarantee with all your plumbing fixed you’ll have no more sleepless nights.

Unless you have a leaking water bed that is 🙂


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Maybe the spare room needs re-decorating. The bathroom tiles needed re-grouting. The TV needs wall-mounting. Or the kitchen needs more cupboards. And the glazing probably needs re-screening. Not to mention the myriad other repairs you'd simply prefer to just forget. Well we're all about problem solving here and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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