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Fly Screen Repair


Fly Screen Repairs and Re-meshing in Logan and all Surrounding Areas!


Are your fly screens damaged?


Are your screen frames bent? Is your mesh torn or just tired looking? Is the mesh coming away from your frames?

Well you no longer need worry as Handyman Assist is always here to help you out. Having been bitten myself by a myriad of bugs, I take all matters fly screen rather urgently. And I’m always willing, ready and able to do all kinds of fly screen repairs.

And I can do all of this at your most convenient time and date too.


Handyman Assist Fly Screen Care covers all of the following services:


  • Door fly screen repairs
  • Window fly screen repairs
  • Fly screen re-meshing
  • PVC pet meshes
  • Installation of new aluminium mesh
  • Installation of new midgee mesh
  • Supply and install of new fly screens (with or without security grills)

Screen frames and your security…


If your doors and windows have no provision for screens, then never fear.

Handyman Assist can manufacture and install all kinds of screening from scratch. And we can even have your screens powder coated to suit your existing colour scheme.

When ordering up new screens, it’s always a good idea to consider adding additional security grills. Not only does it guarantee a stronger frame, it provides you extra protection too.

But either with or without added security grills, there’s no real need to go un-protected from all those airborne, blood thirsty nasties.

Sounds great! So where to from here?


Once we get your enquiry and all the necessary information, we can then give you a free quote and then book you in for an up to the minute scheduling on when we can do the job for you. Handyman Assist fly screen repair services are wholly centered around giving you only the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Simply call Handyman Assist today on 0434 646 928 for a free quote on the repairs for all your fly screens.


Please note:    That while this page is specifically written with Whole House Packages in mind, Handyman Assist is still able to treat any specific repairs more singularly, and on a one per one basis for you.


 Request a free quote today


Maybe the spare room needs re-decorating. The bathroom tiles needed re-grouting. The TV needs wall-mounting. Or the kitchen needs more cupboards. And the glazing probably needs re-screening. Not to mention the myriad other repairs you'd simply prefer to just forget. Well we're all about problem solving here and we'd be more than happy to assist.

So to request a FREE QUOTE today, simply complete this short form here.

Please allow 24 hours for me to get back to you.

Or for a more immediate service, call me on 0434 646 928 and mention you found me online.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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