Gift Vouchers


I have long been somewhat jaded


with respect to our present day celebration card and gift culture…




Where the masses are only too complicit in enriching the marketers of anything that can be sold under the guise of a social celebration…

Birthdays; Valentines; Halloween; Christmas; Easter; Weddings; Pregnancy; Births; Deaths; Graduation; Bank Holidays; Operations; Parole; Overthrow of Colonial Oppressors’ Day; Your First Recession, whatever occasion you can think of, there is now a card (read; sales opportunity) for said event. Even for celebrations that didn’t exist 30 odd years ago.

And it’s no longer just cards either. It’s wrapping paper, chocolates, teddy bears, trinkets, t-shirts and mugs too. In fact, anything that you can screen-print, transfer or stitch onto, can be made to fit the bill.


It’s not so much the ubiquity that I find so offensive…


it’s the unthinking obedience we give to this particular market that I can’t bear.

I mention this, only after I once had the pleasure of standing for what felt like an eternity behind a silly woman at a checkout. She took an UNFEASIBLY long-time to buy just five items with a series of maxed out credit cards. And then tried to open up a plastic bag with only one hand because in the other she held a silver balloon onto which was somewhat boldly printed:

Happy Father’s Dad!

Yes you read that right, only three words and one of them a typo of regrettable magnitude.


It wasn’t that ironic to be honest…


and the spelling actually didn’t matter that much either because she’d probably never even read it.

After all, neither would the recipient. Who, after feigning immense pleasure at the offering, will just casually let it rest against the ceiling until the helium within has fully depleted and it finally clutters the skirting boards.

Only then will it have the attention it once desperately cried out for. But only when a female of the family eventually tires of its presence, picks it up and dutifully disposes of it.

You see, no-one actually CARES about this sort of stuff any more. They don’t feel nothing for it. But such is the devotion to the day’s commercial pressures, nobody wants to be seen NOT partaking in it.

I mean, it’s not as though anyone’s going to ask “Why have you wasted your money on this crap? Is that all you think of me? Get away with your cheap gestures, get out of my house, I disown you; GO!”


No, the spelling doesn’t matter…


because these days, it’s the complete shallowness of the sentiment and easy profit that really counts.

And so our marketing enemies continue softening us up with cheap and tacky filigree. Thus further weakening our defences for the day that they fully launch their consumerist war machines against our enfeebled race. Victory will be theirs. And thus our wallets will be forever emptied and our enslavement to products purely for the benefit of marketing will be fully completed!


But there is another way….


Next time you have a celebration looming, instead of ‘topping up’ your gifts with overpriced and meaningless tat, why not show your loved ones you really care for them? And help them out on their special occasions with a gift voucher from Localad Services Handyman Assist?

Handyman Assist Gift Vouchers


Imagine the relief they will feel, knowing you actually put some thought into their special day. And that now, all of their odd jobs around the house, can and will be expertly taken care of for them.

Handyman Assist Gift Vouchers Start from as little as $100.00 and can be cashed in against all kinds of property based services. 

Even if it’s just washing the pots.

So go ahead and treat someone special in your life today, with the respect they truly deserve!


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