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We are a family owned and operated Australian business that repairs or replaces many forms of flyscreens and all their related parts and accessories in your home.

Localad Re-Screens have a ready stock of flyscreen meshes, window rollers, locks and framing materials at your disposal. Most of our work can be carried out on site for you and usually, all on the same day. Our services are available for both residential and commercial properties within a 50km radius of Logan Central. And with the added bonus of being a part of a full on handyman service, there’s NO re-meshing job too big or too small for us.

Damaged Flyscreen

Re-Screen Flyer

Our services include:


re-screen in progress Flyscreen Mesh Replacement…

Are your insect screens damaged, dirty or mouldy? Are the frames bent or distorted? Your meshes torn or decaying? Well all of these symptoms constitute the main bread and butter behind our business.

Call us today to get your screens effortlessly re-meshed at easily affordable prices. We offer hassle free re-screening at a time that best suits you. We can supply a full choice of fibreglass (our standard option), aluminium, stainless steel, small insect or pet proof meshes for you. Re-meshing can be done for you on the spot for both windows and doors of all sizes. And, if required, we can collect your screens from your home, repair them off-site and later return and re-install them.

Window fittings and rollers

Just a small selection of spares for a window

Window Servicing and Repairs…

Because we spend a lot of time working around windows, it’s only natural that we get to service and fix a few of them too. We can supply and install new locks, rollers, and handles to a multitude of different style windows for you. We can check all the rubber seals to your glass, Remove any movable window and clean out it’s tracks, check on the condition of the rollers for you and lubricate them with a free glide silicone and check on the condition of any locks and handles for correct functionality.

Unlike our IT department, Localad Re-Screens have a 100% successs rate when it comes to fixing Windows 🙂

For more about window care,  click here. 


Sliding glass and flyscreen doorsdoors Sliding Glass & Flyscreen Doors…

Because of their weight, size and their greater frequency of use, these units can suffer many of the same symptoms as windows, only perhaps a little more so. So it’s no surprise then that we also carry a wide range of rollers, handles and locks (primary and secondary) to keep all your sliding gear in a tip top condition. We can also supply and install pet doors to your screen doors (sorry, not on the glass) so your fur babies can come and go as they please, without inviting the world’s airborne pests into your living room.


Hinged door with cat flap Hinged Doors & Flyscreens…

Where sliding doors stand or fall on the quality of their rollers, the weakest link on a hinged door is it’s hinges or the fastenings used while installing them. Needless to say, if your hinges were to ever fail, we’re the guys to call. And like all the above services, our hinged door service will manage your locks and handles for you too. We can also supply and fit door closers, pet doors and door guard security panels.

And no hinged door service would be complete without an all in supply and fit door installation service for all kinds of interior, exterior and flyscreen security doors. Complete with all their associated furniture and door stops to prevent high speed handles damaging your walls.

For more about door care, click here.

Take your pick from our most popular selection of screen meshes…






Pet Mesh






Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions…


  • Which mesh do you use for your standard priced re-meshing services?
    For our standard price services, we use a general purpose fibreglass mesh (as seen in our Mesh selection guide) which is great for the majority of commercial and residential properties. The selection guide helps illustrate all our available options and also includes any price variations.
  • How durable is your mesh?
    Cyclone We only use high quality durable meshes from CYCLONE so you don’t have to worry about their strength against the elements. These meshes can easily last for a minimum of five years under normal everyday use before they start looking tired.
  • Do your meshes block out the light?
    Many people refrain from adding flyscreens to their property fearing it will block out natural daylight. Light loss will naturally depend on the choice of mesh that you choose. For example, a close weave screen mesh blocks a significant amount of light due to it’s purpose and nature, whereas light loss is minimal with our more standard meshes. But rest assured, once fitted, you will barely notice the screen’s presence.
  • Do you offer any guarantees on anything other than your meshes?
    Yes, we do. We only use locks, rollers and accessories from reputable manufacturers whereby they are covered by the manufacturer’s own warranties. And add to that our own 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship, you can rest assured that you’re more than covered.
  • How long does it take?
    Generally speaking, it should take no longer than an hour to service any window or door screen. And that’s being pretty generous with the timing. The hardest part of the whole service is usually freeing the screens from their frames where unusual fitting practices have been involved (it happens more that you think) or security screws have been fitted. But rest assured, if do encounter any issues, we will inform you of any expected price variation before we proceed. Our promise to you is “No hidden extras”, and we firmly stand by that.
  • How do I place an order?
    Simply fill in the order form here on this page clearly stating the number of windows and doors to be screened and we’ll get back to you with a fixed price for your needs (we’ll even add in any discounts achieved for you). Then, if your happy with the price, we’ll arange and lock in an appointment for your service.
Localad Re-Screens can provide you an attractive and affordable way to keep all pesky insects out of your property without spoiling the look of your home. Our flyscreens are fully weather resistant and made of the finest quality materials. We can re-screen any area of your property, regardless of its size.


What makes us better than the others is:


  • Our Quality Products… At Localad Re-Screens, we use only the best quality products that will truly stand up to the test of time. While they are extremely durable and weather resistant, they still remain affordable. And all of the products we use are covered by both our own and the manufacturer’s warranties.
  • A Wide Variety of Choice… Want your new meshes to not clash with your existing? Want the new mesh to match with your old ones? You will definately find something to blend with your property here. Likewise, we can also source,supply and install a wide variety of locks, rollers and accessories for you to to choose from.
  • Reliable, On-time Services… We operate mainly within Logan Central and nearby suburbs, with a fast turnaround time for most jobs. So you won’t be waiting in for the whole day for us to arrive. We will even call you in advance of our arrival.
  • Full Peace of Mind… At Localad Re-Screens, we take pride in our work and can therefore offer the added protection of a full 12 months warranty against faulty workmanship, backed up with a full manufacturer’s guarantee on any parts used, on everything we do.
  • And Fixed Priced Services… With our fixed price services, you’ll know exactly where you stand. With no surprise hidden extras… EVER! Guaranteed.

satisfaction guranteed



If you aren’t entirely satisfied with any of our services, you don’t have to pay a single cent until we make things right for you.

Sounds great! So where to from here?


Once we get your enquiry and all it’s included information, we can then work you a free quote and  book you in for an up to the minute scheduling on when we can do the job for you. And that’s because Localad Re-Screens screen repair services, are wholly centered around giving you only the very best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Or, simply call us today on 0434 646 928 for a free quote on the repairs for all your windows, doors, sliding doors and fly screens.


“Having been badly bitten by a myriad of bugs myself, I take all matters fly screen rather urgently. And I’m always willing, ready and able to do all kinds of fly screen repairs. And I can do all of this at your most convenient time and date for you too”.

Andy Robinson

Owner of Localad Re-Screens

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