How to make money maintaining your property


How To Make Money Maintaining Your Property…


Distress purchase At Localad Services Handyman Assist, I fully understand that having to address punch lists of un-ending maintenance issues and repair tasks on your home or business properties can often be as exciting for you as filling your car with petrol is.

It’s what’s known in the trade as “distress purchases”… And nobody likes those. They’re the ‘put it off til the last minute‘ purchases made out of necessity rather than the ones we happily make for our pleasure (like with room remodelling projects for instance). 

But “fear not, for I have a cunning plan” (thank you Baldrick), and in order to help soften the financial burden for you, Handyman Assist has devised a totally new way to help you to recoup your property maintenance losses.

And through this new system, you can now make back, more than the initial costs of your projects by following this very simple to use method…


How it works…


Traditionally, when working with tradies you would embark on a journey that looks something like this:

  1.  You ask around for quotes.
  2.  When you find a quote you like, you assign your chosen contractor.
  3.  The contractor comes along and does the job for you.
  4.  You settle the bill with the contractor and if he’s anything worth his salt and wants to successfully grow his business, he will ask you for both testimonials and referrals.
  5.  If you’re feeling charitable and don’t get too waylaid, your referrals get passed and…
  6.  You go your separate ways


But as of right here and right now, that’s not the way I do things at Handyman Assist.


Instead, this is how working with me will ultimately work wonders for you. Through the power of passing referrals, or my referral marketing program as I prefer to call it…

And it goes a bit like this:


Referral slip


  1.  You get your quote from Handyman Assist.
  2.  Up until this point, you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed but If you’re happy with the quote I offer you, you assign me to complete the works for you. 
  3.  Upon satisfactory completion of your project, Handyman Assist will then issue your invoice along with a cheque book’ full of referral slips (see above) for you to share amongst your friends.
  4.  You settle your bill with Handyman Assist.
  5.  Handyman Assist will pay you (in cash), a full 20% of any sales values for every subsequent sale that is made through any referral slips issued through you.
  6.  I’ll periodically keep in touch via email with special offers, featured services and tips for you to help maximise the returns on your referrals.
  7.  You can order up more referral slips as and when you need them.
  8.  In time, together, we build a proper working relationship.


Pro tip…

You’ll be guaranteed a higher rate of return simply by passing your referral

slips to the people you know that actually want work doing 🙂



In real terms, this is how it pans out…


First you need to get yourself qualified. Or in layman’s terms, you need to hire Handyman Assist to do a job for you.

And if your job costs a total of $600 say, you pay me that $600 and you get your referral slips ‘cheque book’ along with your invoice.


And now the fun really starts…


You have a friend, Veronica Jones and you know she’s looking for some work to be done. So you pass her a referral slip for her to fill out and present to me when she asks for a quote.

So your first referral slip introduces a Mrs Jones into the fold so to speak. She trusts your judgement in referring me and is happy to proceed with a project through Handyman Assist and her invoice subsequently comes in at $1,995. 

Mrs Jones has qualified herself through this job and pays me the $1,995 billed. And she also gets a referral cheque book to share among friends and family of her own.

And using her money (the payment for her job), rather than having to find my own (like in traditional advertising), I can now pay you in cool hard cash, your referall fee of 20% (or one fifth) of her whole invoice total, which works out at a princley sum of $399… My way of thanking you for your introduction. 

And with a ‘cheque book’ holding 30 referral slips, you can do the same thing… again and again and again.


But a word of warning…


I don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs. However, I do believe in hard work, adding value and properly serving others. And that’s exactly what this referral program has been designed for.

As stated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with this idea. I don’t know you and besides, your results in life are entirely up to you. Agreed?

However, nothing on this page is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, are simply estimates or projections based on theoretical results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only.

My maximum earning potential on any given job is capped by the QBCC at $3,300. So while you won’t become a millionaire overnight, this program can effectively earn you up to a handsome $660 for each referral you provide. But in reality, the average spend per customer invoice over the last five years has been $395. Sometimes its a lot more, sometimes its less. But working with averages, a 395 dollar ticket will still earn you just shy of $80. And did I mention that’s cash?

Over time, even at the average spend rate, your referral cheque book could still net you an easy $2,400. 

If you have any questions, you can email me at and I’ll be more than happy to help out.



But who pays for all this? 


In a nutshell, I do… And this is how I’ll do it…

In an ideal world, word of mouth would be the best and only method needed to ensure a constant stream of happy customers for a business like mine to survive. But sadly, in today’s rush rush world, that simply isn’t the case anymore. Even with the best will in the world, testimonials and referrals are harder and harder to come by due to the time constraints we are all living under.

So in order for a business to even exist in today’s marketplace, that business has to be constantly generating a supply of new customers. And that means having to undertake extensive and costly marketing and advertising campaigns. And believe me, that stuff doesn’t come cheap anymore.

And the biggest problem with all marketing and advertising is…


  ‘Only 50% of all advertising works… 

And nobody knows which 50% it is’  


Historically, many businesses religiously pour their time and money down the advertising drain in order to find new customers in the following (and this is just a small selection) ways:

  • Maintaining a website (luckily, I do my own)
  • Maintaining a social presence (same here)
  • Paying for Google Adwords
  • And search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paying for stand-alone advertising
  • Networking
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Flyer distribution
  • Press releases
  • Advertising agency fees
  • Artwork and design fees
  • Paying for leads from lead aggregation sites


And that’s on top of all the usual bread and butter marketing tools we use like business cards, vehicle signs, uniforms and the like.

All things considered, it’s not unusual for a business to easily spend in excess of $1500 a month in looking for new customers. And that’s just to get leads. And more often than not, they’re cold unqualified leads at that, with no guarantees of actually doing any business at all.

And yes, that $1500 dollars a month also has to be paid for up front.


  “Sales is all about getting people intellectually involved in a future

result that is good for them and then getting them to commit

emotionally to get that result” – Dan Sullivan




The Handyman Assist way…


“Hey, Julie! You really loved the work I just completed for you. Would you be interested in telling some of your friends about it through my referral slips?   If you do, I’ll give you 20 percent of the income from any of the sales I make. How does that sound?”  

“Well, that sounds awesome Andy! I may even end up profiting from the work you did for me.”  

“Yes, that’s exactly right! Actually, with as many referral slips as you like, you’ll end up making way more money than you initially paid me. Therefore, you’d be getting your work done for more than free. That’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?”  


What’s actually happening here is rather than pouring my money down the traditional advertising avenues with the hope of generating only leads, I am instead, offering to pay you directly for real time sales.  After all, I’m sure you’ll agree, that money will be a lot better off in your own pockets rather than topping up the already bloated accounts of Google, facebook and the myriad other general media outlets of the world.

And it’s because I no longer have to find an up front advertising budget for cold leads, I can offer such a high rate of payout for you. This way, all of my marketing is done with real time incomes earned and that means no going into debt just to get myself noticed, and a guaranteed payout for all the referrals you give me leading to any direct sales.


And there’s further reasoning behind my madness too…


First off… This new sharing is caring concept, provides my business with a truly fantastic USP (unique selling proposition)… I mean, who doesn’t want to make money these days? And all at minimum cost and effort to the customer while still having their property maintained to the highest of possible standards?


Secondly… There’s a maxim in business that goes… “Find and lock into your ideal clients.”

So who are my ideal clients then? People who understand that any handyman worth his salt will have to be booked in advance, not called up at the last minute. People who are willing to pay a fair price for an outstanding job. People who can fully apprecieate my expertise and are happy to leave me alone to get on with the job in hand. My ideal clients are also those that are loyal to my company, frequently use or buy my products or services, and are likely to recommend me to their friends and colleagues. In short, people just like you, that’s who.

And then there’s a universal law that goes… “Like attracts like”.

If you’ve already proved yourself to fit the bill of an ideal client, it makes perfect sense that the people around you will be of a pretty similar make up. And by definition, they are therefore more likely to become ideal clients too. That’s the secret sauce behind how referrals work.

So it has to make sense that you be fully compensated for introducing these people into my business, doesn’t it?


And last but not least… And this one is a biggie… There’s a great scene in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Please don’t ask me why I was watching it (I blame the wife)… But in that scene, Mr Grey, the protagonist who we should all know by now, is an overactive sex fiend, says to the lady, “Do you trust me?”  

She looks him in the eyes and says, “Yes, I trust you.”  

And then, he starts tying her up with a load of medieval-looking kit and blatantly proceeds to have his wicked way with her for the next ten to fifteen minutes of the film… 

But long story short… IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUST!


And trust in a business is the most valuable asset you can ever acquire…


And these days, it can best be acquired through what is called social proof… i.e. through your testimonials and referrals and the people that get to see them.  

You see, trust predates everything. There’s a great quote from marketing and sales guru Zig Ziglar that goes:


“Nothing ever happens until the sale is made.”  


And yes, while I wholeheartedly agree with Zig on this, I can extrapolate that one step further and also say:  


“Nothing ever happens until trust is first built.”


Yes there’s not one single sale ever made in this world, without first establishing some degree of trust with the customer.

And likewise, this whole process carries its own in-built trust guarantees, because without having first performed well enough to warrant your own trust in my company, I’ll never get to see a referral from you, the consequences of which means that the whole thing stops dead.

Your referral is the ultimate way of saying “I can trust these guys”, and it’s your trust in me, that can help go a long way toward others trusting in me too.



So is Handyman Assist a company you really can trust in?




Hi, I’m Andy Robinson, and along with my gorgeous wife Jodie, we are Localad Services Handyman Assist and we’re always here to help you… I’m a full service handyman, generally serving all areas within a 50km radius of Logan Central. While Jodie keeps me on my toes ensuring only the best for you.



I started this business with one singular goal in mind:

“To make owning any kind of property an easy, stress-free, and enjoyable experience for you”



Every single day, I put in the extra effort to make sure that my customers are completely satisfied with my wide range of handyman services. And by offering excellent value and taking extreme pride in my work, I have quickly established myself as the premier handyman service provider in South Brisbane.

But please don’t take my word for it, take a look at what my customers are saying and the companies who put their trust in me.

Just by taking a look through this website (, you can see that I’m already doing my best to incorporate all of the major benchmarks of a modern progressive company.

As much as possible, I conduct my business with the best interests of my clients, the environment and community in mind.

And, rather than hiding away from my competition, I’m also actively seeking them out in order to bring the whole handyman industry together and adopt a complete policy of best practices for the customer to truly enjoy. 

And if it’s social proof you need, both my website and facebook page are riddled with testimonials from previously satisfied customers.


My promises to you…


Localad Services 5 Star Promises Banner

Localad Services Handyman Assist are problem solving solution providers for all home and business owners wanting their annoying building issues solved quickly and efficiently.

Unlike going through the hassles of trying to find different tradesmen to solve each problem individually, Handyman Assist will get to the bottom of your annoying issues. Then I’ll fix the ones I can immediately and plan out the best compliant solutions for the remainder.  

All while fitting in with your time and budget so you can get on with your life without the constant frustrations that these problems can often cause.  


You might have noticed above in my company’s positioning statement, the word compliant is strongly highlighted.

That’s because like I have already mentioned, everything I do is in full compliance with the regulations as set out by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).


disclaimer As a quick aside, all compliant handymen in Queensland should be carrying an easily found disclaimer as to the scope and value of works they are entitled to do on their advertising media.

Mine, (as is fully illustrated here) is located at the bottom of every single page of my website. And everything I do online points right back to it.

But how many other Queensland handymen are visibly compliant in just this one respect? And you should now be asking yourself… How many other corners could they be cutting if not?


At Handyman Assist, trust is all about doing the right things

and doing all the things right.


But at the end of the day, it’s not about me. I could go on and on about everything I do, how I do it and how long I’ve been doing it. And “so what?” you might ask.

But how nice it would be to find a home repair expert you can trust with all of your home repairs and improvements? A man you can trust around your family, pets and belongings? A company that genuinely cares about your home as much as you do? And how about somebody willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want?

Localad Services Handyman Assist can make your life a whole lot easier. By saving you time to help reduce your stress levels. I can even help make you some money in the long run too.

No, it’s not about me.. it’s all about you and the peace of mind you’ll be getting, knowing your property is being well looked after with all your best interests at heart.


So how do I get started then?


That’s easy… simply fill out the form below and challenge Handyman Assist to safely handle your property maintenance requirements. I’ll do all the work to the highest of standards for you while you just sit back and relax.


 Request a free quote today


Maybe the spare room needs re-decorating. The bathroom tiles needed re-grouting. The TV needs wall-mounting. Or the kitchen needs more cupboards. And the glazing probably needs re-screening. Not to mention the myriad other repairs you'd simply prefer to just forget. Well we're all about problem solving here and we'd be more than happy to assist.

So to request a FREE QUOTE today, simply complete this short form here.

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Or for a more immediate service, call me on 0434 646 928 and mention you found me online.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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