To Do Lists

A Honey-Do List typically consists of the jobs that need doing around the house but all too often get neglected. Well not any more – that’s what we do best.

This is a service that we didn’t expect to be hired for very often but it has ended up being one of the top income generating services that we provide. It’s also what most of our ‘super-customers’ usually hire us for.

More an American terminology, the ‘honey do’ list would be a list of jobs that usually the wife of a household would have saved up for her husband to tackle. It is also a list of jobs that rarely ever gets completed and statistics have shown that the average household has as many as 22.74 such jobs awaiting completion at any given time.
A Honey-Do List typically consists of jobs that need doing around the house that all too often get neglected. Things like hanging pictures, fixing doors, touching up paint, caulking, hanging shelves, and several other really simple repairs that take no real effort, they just take time. We would have never thought that people would actually pay somebody else to go around and hang pictures and the like, but trust us, they really do.

Honey-Do lists are a good service to provide for a few reasons.

1. Quality clients. Most clients that hire us for this type of service have money. More money than the majority of homeowners we service. Unlike customers who hire you to repair something they don’t know how to repair or build something they don’t know how to build, these customers are willing to pay you to do things they just don’t WANT to do.

Can they do it? Sure they can, they just have enough money to pay someone else to do it for them so they don’t have to. And not only do these customers have the money, but they typically call us back again and again because there are always things to fix, install, or build around their homes for them.

2. It’s easy work. Hanging pictures, touching up some paint, and fixing little dinky things around the house is pretty easy compared to larger remodeling or fencing type projects. And since the work is generally low risk and not very complicated, just about anybody could do it, especially us. But customer service still counts.

Whenever a customer (be it an individual or real estate) is looking for this type of work, we tend to charge hourly or daily plus materials. Trying to sit there and estimate how long everything will take and quote each little aspect of a ‘To Do’ list would be a ridiculous task. Not only that, it’s notoriously difficult to estimate properly and we certainly don’t want to be ripping anybody off.

Our tips for success:

  • Always charge hourly or daily to give you the best value.
  • Work efficiently. No, we don’t have to be running around like lunatics, but a too leisurely working pace and taking a ton of breaks would most certainly lose us our customers fast.
  • Prioritize. We always ask the customer what are the most important things they want done first. We do this in case we ever run out of allocated time to complete.

There is a downside to this type of service which is that both we and you don’t really know how long it is going to take to get through a list and it could end up leaving holes in people’s schedules. If for example, a customer says they have enough work for us to be there all day and we end up finishing in only 3 hours, that’s a lot of wasted time we could have scheduled somebody else in for and it would be unfair to charge the extra.

This is something that has happened to us several times and we still haven’t settled on a good solution but it’s a price we’re willing to pay for customer satisfaction. And for us, a happy customer is quite often, a repeat customer.


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