Running My Business Through Excel 

Book 1 – Creating the Best Customer Experience

Through Using Just One Simple Spreadsheet


  • A complete customer journey write up.
  • The use of systems within your business.
  • Getting your pricing right.
  • Handling debt.
  • Managing your business KPIs.
  • Email Cover-letter samples
  • A wide range of document templates

My new book
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In a nutshell, this book is little more than a short story about the creation of a single spreadsheet, that was specifically designed to help speed up the time the author needed to spend in his office, rather than out on the tools.

And how, after first completing and then thoroughly testing this wonderful new spreadsheet to its breaking point, this book first began its own life as a simple user’s guide to the spreadsheet’s use.

But somewhere along the way, our story takes a somewhat drastic turn, and the book becomes more… Much, much, more.

Here is where we witness how it grew from a simple user guide to a completely full-on training manual, as some basic systems were also included, with a view to adding an admin assistant to the author’s business.

And, as one thing generally leads to another, more and more information to help run a service-based business was included, and all at no extra charge. Meaning, that while some of this extra wisdom doesn’t particularly relate to the spreadsheet under review, it still carries a barrel load of relevance for the reader trying to up his business game.



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  In this day and age, technology has never moved faster, and as ever, computer-based technology is at the forefront.

Hardly a day goes by without some new development which will supposedly help us do it quicker, cheaper or better – or heaven forbid, all of those things all at once.

For most of us handyman types, quietly going about the business of getting obscenely rich beyond our wildest dreams, it’s an exciting time. But it can also be a frightening and costly one.

And the main fear is this… that we’re getting left behind. And our competition will leave us for dead.

This fear is excellent news for all the computer, tools and app industries, because we’re all too happy to spend a small fortune on new ‘tooling, systems and software packages’ just to make ourselves feel better… and then wonder what the hell to do with it all when we get it back home, or to the office. 

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, “Never has so little been done, by so many with so much!”

Most of our ‘This will be so good for my business’ toys, are chronically under-utilised, and yet our totally unfounded fears constantly make us go out and buy more and more of the same.

And they’re usually paid for through back-breaking monthly subscriptions that will never ever go away.

It’s like buying a ten-ton truck and then using it just to bring home the shopping from Woollies! (The only guy I’ve actually seen do this by the way is ex-boxer Chris Eubank, which sort of speaks for itself).

There’s more spare capacity or redundancy in what we saddle ourselves with these days, than we can ever use, and it’s quite often, not even the best tool for the job.

In my own humble little business (talking software now) …

I’ve been known to process an average of 8 individual business-related tasks each day. Probably managing book-keeping, invoices, quotes, & estimates etc.

Some days it can be as many as 20. And yet it’s all being done with software and tooling that’s well over (in my case) thirty years old…

And in computer terms alone… that’s prehistoric!

But I’ll let you into a little secret now – the computer system I have at home which is used for, erm… facebook and playing games on, is far more advanced than the one I use to control my $100,000 annual turnover business on!

‘Experts’ often look at what I use and laugh.

But here’s the interesting thing… it works, the job gets done, and not one of these experts has been able to put forward an alternative which, on closer examination, provides many measurable benefits in excess of the inevitable problems and disruption which an upgrade or even change would undoubtedly cause.

Not that the ‘experts’ see it that way. You see, they’re in love with the technology and they’re in absolute awe of what it can all do.

But as people concerned with making money with the technology and tools that we buy; we need to look at the real benefits behind them… While the so-called experts (who have nothing to do with actually running a handyman business), are happy to concern themselves more with the available features.

But how we can turn all those lovely product features into a profit?

Some entrepreneurs will always immerse themselves in the technology itself, rather than the real and tangible profit-making benefits it can bring to the enterprise. And good luck to them if they can afford to do that.

They’re usually the same people who buy a hi-fi system with 1001 buttons, knobs and dials… and spend hours painstakingly adjusting each and every one of them before carefully inserting their Motorhead CD… << Oh, the irony!! >>

But it’s a completely counterproductive and time-wasting approach for those who are just starting out and wondering where the next coin is coming from.

For the most part, it seems that any ‘new’ software and hardware advances create solutions to problems which simply don’t exist, or aren’t really that important to us, or central to our day-to-day business success.

As the saying goes:

“If you’ve got a pile of crap to shift… you won’t do it any better or quicker with a silver-plated shovel.”

So, what I’m suggesting is before you go saddling yourself in unnecessary debt for your whizz bang, up to the minute ‘business toys’, you look carefully at your business problems first.

If there are piles of ‘crap’ to be moved, think very carefully about whether that new shovel (yes, I know it’s got some nice fancy engraving on the handle) is really worth the additional investment.

Will it pay for itself, or would your old shovel have done the job just as well?

My second suggestion is that you take a fresh look at the tools you already have and your existing computer hardware and software. Because I know that when you do, you’ll often discover some unknown features and applications which you didn’t even know were there.

I was recently surprised to find a number of features on my MS Excel programme (the one I’ve been using for the last 30 years!) which I didn’t even know about.

I was even more surprised to find that with just a little more effort on my part, I can work miracles in tailoring business solutions that simply work the way that I want them to. After all, I already have this software, which also incorporates perfectly acceptable book-keeping functions. And I was lucky enough to learn that before I’d happily run out and buy a standalone something or other new for that specific purpose.

So, in conclusion…

Because I have known MS Excel, either through MS Works or MS Office, since my very first computer experience, I thought why not give it a proper go? And quite frankly, I’ve found life to be a whole lot easier creating the tools that I want, to my own spec through Excel, than it is trying to make other more costly, so called ‘purpose-built apps’ fit my own requirements.

I mean, at the end of the day, all of our new ‘shineys’ should only be the tools we need to help us make more money, and our lives a little easier… Nothing more and nothing less…

And moving forward, I finally suggest, that if you look at each apparent new ‘upgrade’ in those simple, no nonsense and clinical terms, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of time, a great deal of money, and a complete barrow-load of stress in moving your own business forward.

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        • If you’re struggling to keep up with the number of costly new apps you’ve been told your business can’t survive without
        • If you’re struggling with your pricing and delivering up your costs to the customer
        • If you’re unsure what your key performance indicators should be and how best to measure them
        • If you’re constantly on the look-out for better office templates for running your business  
        • If you’re just starting out and are simply looking for a guiding hand
        • If you don’t know who your ideal customer is and why it counts 
        • If you’re not happy with having to give discounts to get work
        • If you’re forever chasing up debts from your customers
        • If you’re constantly on the look out for improvement and fresh ideas 
        • If you’re trying to look more professional in how you’re currently operating…

Then this book, is most definitely for you!  

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If you have a service based business idea that you haven’t yet launched, you need this book.


If you want to make better decisions and restructure your business for growth, this book will help.


If you want to use lean startup principles in your bootstrapped business, this book is the handbook.

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Seasoned Pros

If you feel like it’s time to up the ante and start scaling your talents, this is the book for you.

Whether you’re just starting out with your own trades business or you’re already a hardened pro within your chosen field, this book offers a unique unprecedented insight into what it takes to best serve your customers, no matter what your current situation.

And regardless of whether Excel is for you or not, this book still has something within its pages, for you all to take away.

Ultimated toolkit for your toolbox

“Running My Business Through Excel” ~ It’s a

comprehensive tool-kit for running your business

Andy Robinson honoured me by asking me to read his upcoming book, give feedback and possibly write the introduction.

And after reading it, all I can say is WOW!

I take a lot of pride in our business being professional, having systems and providing next level service.

But he is doing some things that make us look like amateurs and he is doing it all with old and inexpensive technology too.

I can’t wait for the final draft to be released.

Alan Stephenson

CEO, 911 Handyman

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Within this book’s pages, you will witness first-hand, one way of trying to implement some form of basic systems into my handyman business. You’ll learn my preferred choice of software to run it all through, along with all the whys and wherefores behind how I’m currently going about the day-to-day running of my enterprise.

You’ll see that things can still be done quite successfully without the need for having to spend monthly fortunes on numerous stand-alone apps, that seldom play well with each other. And you’ll also witness a whole load of the business templates I personally use for my own choice of ‘office stationery’.

You’ll also learn about:

      • The Complete Customer Journey. From Prospect, to Customer, to Raving Fan, and Company Ambassador.
      •  Systems. The how, why and when you should use them and when they should best be used in the everyday operations you undertake in performing your daily business activities.
      •  Pricing. And how best to get over your debilitating fears of putting your own prices forward.
      •  Handling Debt. And perhaps more importantly, why it should never be taken as anything personal.
      •  Managing Your Business KPIs. What they are and how to make them count.
        And a whole lot more besides.
      • Markups versus Margins. And what exactly is the difference?

And then, there’s how to define your own business model, including all the different methodologies used behind what I’ve used in the preparation of my quotes, invoices and receipts etc.

You might even notice how versatile a tool MS Excel really can be for you in doing all of this. And how through the use of some pretty awesome in-built switching, the same basic spreadsheet defined within the book’s pages can produce many different outcomes for you (144 in total), to best suit any handyman company’s particular needs.

~ Andy Robinson

Prefaced BY ALAN STEPHENSON – CEO – 911 Handyman



Inside it’s glossy cover, there’s 180 colour pages fully illustrating the customer’s journey, from taking his initial enquiry, quoting his project, scheduling and performing the job, right through to billing, receipting and after sales follow ups.

There’s also a wide range of templates for every application:

  • Quoting (for Time & Materials or By The Job)
  • Invoicing (for Time & Materials or By The Job)
  • Contracts and Terms of service
  • SWMS Certificates
  • Guarantees
  • Change Orders
  • Receipts (for deposits & all invoicing)
  • Commission Slips
  • Cover Letters for emails

>>> WARNING!! <<< 

Please don’t be put off by the sheer size of this book.  Yes, there’s a lot to be taken in and there’s a whole lot of words (35,000+) in it too. But there’s also a lot of images that go toward making up the bulk of this educational, 180 page, full colour document. 

We will however, promise you now, that after a lot of very severe testing, even with the numerous steps you will have to take, the whole thing still takes less time to get through than a good old bacon sammich and your favourite cup of coffee.


Read it on your favourite device


                • Full-colour Paperback book
                • Kindle
                • Computer
                • Tablet
                • Phone
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       Buy it Now on AMAZON.COM

              Available in both full-colour paperback, or Kindle e-book formats

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Andy Robinson is the owner of Brisbane based service company, Localad Services Handyman Assist, to be found at

At the age of 50, Andy upped sticks to start a new life on the other side of the world from his humble beginnings in Manchester at the heart of the UK. And after a life-time of mastering the tools of his trade from the ground up, Andy soon realised that in order to make things work for his new family in Brisbane, Australia, he had to become a successful entrepreneur too and run a business he could easily maintain with the correct work-life balance for him and his family.

And while numerous awards for his business would be nice, to date, Andy has ignored this route to recognition, preferring instead to concentrate his efforts on the customer, as any awards achieved would easily pale in comparison to the bright happy smiles and thank-yous he currently gets from a happy and satisfied client base.

After a steady 10 years in the business, Andy is ready to grow Handyman Assist by working at scale, introducing practical systems to his business and correctly managing his cash flow. He will be leveraging several new marketing strategies both on and offline to help further generate and maintain a steady stream of new customers and repeat business through his unique customer referrals strategy.

Owning his own business has given Andy the flexibility to focus more on his family and help to grow the Australian handyman sector into a highly recognised and important part of the building industry. And through the many online communities he’s a part of, he’s already exploring the possibilities of offering one on one mentoring, fully recognised apprenticeships and a globally recognised trade association for the industry as a whole.

Together with his team, Andy’s goal now, is for Localad Services Handyman Assist to become the best-known handyman business in Brisbane and in time, Australia wide.

And now, at 59, he knows that if he doesn’t do it now, he maybe never will. 


Running My Business Through Excel

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Localad Services Andy Robinson

       Buy it Now on AMAZON.COM

              Available in both full-colour paperback, or Kindle e-book formats

The sole intent of this book, is to offer the reader nothing more than a variety of general information only. To help provide a wider range of available options for the reader to examine either now or at any time in the future, while fully recognising that we all have wildly diverse circumstances and viewpoints.

All of the information, techniques, skills and concepts contained within this publication are only indicators of how the author runs his own business and are not in any way put forward as professional business advice.

Copyright © 2022 Localad Services

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission from the publisher.


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Robinson, Andy                                              Running My Business Through Excel 

Book 1 – Creating The Best Customer Experience  Through Using Just One Simple Spreadsheet 


1st Edition … Includes Index

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“Lessons cost money. Good lessons cost a lot of money. Don’t let that money be yours”

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