Not so many moons ago, my life was somewhat drastically altered (hopefully for the better), after I came across this rather unassuming little advert on the television…

And I simply fell in love with it.

I think more than anything else, it was the service technician’s total nonchalance that was the clincher for me but regardless of that, the ad certainly did it’s job and it became firmly entrenched within my ever churning and somewhat over-productive mind.

In fact it did more than just that, it also inspired me. It inspired me to have a play, change things around a little and pen my own little version of it.

And it goes a bit like this:


You have a jam inside your toilet
You have a jam inside your soul
And to find someone to fix it
Will become your only goal

Find peace inside these pages
Of Handyman Assist
I’ll be your only ‘go to guy’ for
Loo problems that persist

I can chase away your blockage 
Maybe fix a leaking tap 
But I’ll leave your bathroom working 
So at last, you can go…

Yes we now come with 50% recycled adverts but there’s “no compromise on quality or rightness”

And, “You’re sure to find… En… wipen… ment

“Did you say enwipenment?”

Enwipenment? En wipen ment… EN-WIPEN-MENT


Maybe one day, I’ll knock up a similar kind of commercial with this, so watch this space.


So what do you think?

Ok, I won’t be giving up my day job anytime just yet.

Maybe I should just stick with fixing toilets 🙂


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