Who you gonna call?

Picture this if you will …


After a long hard day at work, you’re finally home with your family, the kids are fed and you’re all comfortably resting together in your living room. The children engrossed in the imaginative use of their playthings, hubby spread out on the sofa beside you, and you settling down for the rest of the evening in your cosy armchair in front of the TV, watching your favourite programme with a glass of wine maybe…

And then…

All of a sudden, your toilet explodes and starts frothing out all kinds of assorted lumpy liquids in a hundred thousand different directions across the bathroom floor…



You’re going to need assistance and you’ll be needing it quick. Your home is under attack and the damage is getting worse and worse by the second…

So you reach for telephone book and desperately begin looking for someone to help.

But who are you going to choose?

Would it be a long established family run business offering years of experience, reasonable rates, and a guaranteed service but are only available during their 9 while 5 trading hours?


Could it be a local handyman who promises to get there really, really fast for you, no matter the time of day, who can also address your emergency right there and then for you?

And, as an added bonus… who is also willing to stick around to help clean up any mess?

Well, we are Localad Services Handyman Assist – and like the name suggests, we’re here to ASSIST in ANY kind of property based emergency.


Yes, we’re family run, we have many years of experience, and we also offer a guaranteed service at reasonable rates.

But does any of that really matter when you’re up to your neck in the thick of (for the want of a better word)… things?

You bet it does!

And so our ideal referral here, would be anyone you may know that doesn’t really have the time to teach the kids to swim during an emergency.

Your obvious solution lies firmly embedded in our name… HANDYMAN ASSIST should be your first and only choice, whatever the problem.


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